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DanDomain Hjemmesideprogram


What is DanDomain Hjemmesideprogram?

DanDomain is a Danish drag & drop web hosting service provider and website builder that offers domains, hosting & cloud solutions, email & office packages, webshop and more. DanDomain has 67,000 customers making them the largest domain register in Denmark.
(Recommended for small/medium businesses)

Technical knowledge not needed

DanDomain’s Hjemmesideprogram is optimal for people without technical skills and who are looking for a drag & drop system that is easy to navigate. The Website application is browser-based. It means that you can also create, customise and publish your website directly from your browser. Whether you work from your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Ability to customise

The Hjemmesideprogram website builder allows customsability a bit as you can insert your own HTML. It is also possible to import a WordPress solution into Hjemmesideprogram, by using their own import tool.


DanDomain targets smaller websites and shops. When growing your business, you will likely find it attractive to switch to a more customisable CMS, that might be able to fit your unique business and branding needs. The website builder is integrable with most common ERPs, CRMs, and email systems.


DanDomain offers remote support with experts via TeamViewer, other than email and telephone assistance. The support service is also offered on weekends, however limited to mail only.


Hjemmesideprogram allows you to create a multilingual website so you can target your website to foreign visitors. Publish your website to a domain that suits you and your strategy among over 700 different domain types. With 50 GB of space, you can calmly fill content in the form of text, images, and video on your website. 


According to DanDomain, they spend a lot of effort into security. It is a closed-source system, so we have no way to look further into it. The normal package also includes SSL.


DanDomain’s Linux servers run PHP and MySQL. According to w3techs, 79.0% of all the websites use PHP whose server-side programming language we know. That means DanDomain can be programmed by plentiful PHP programmers and in a cheaper way, compared to Java programmers, for example.

Source: w3techs


The prices vary, depending on whether you want a website or a webshop.
The website builder is fairly cheap, at around 89DKK/month. The webshop goes for 299DKK/month. Although remember that designs and integrations are not free.

In doubt of which CMS to choose? Contact us on:
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