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Episerver – Niche enterprise level CMS


What is Episerver?

Episerver is a Swedish cloud based CMS. It focuses on e-commerce and digital marketing. It comes with loads of marketing tools out of the box, but as its main competitors, Sitecore and Magento, this is an expensive CMS.
(Recommended for enterprises)

Technical knowledge needed

Building an Episerver website is no small feat, and requires skilled .NET web developers. After the site has been built most content creators, webmasters and digital marketers should find it fairly easy to use. Using Episerver to its full potential, however, does require trained staff.

Ability to customize

As with any customizable CMS such as Sitecore, Drupal or WordPress, the customizability is endless. Integrations and add-ons are available on Episerver’s own add-on store. Unlike WordPress, Umbraco or Drupal, Episerver comes with a wide range of tools out of the box.


A single platform for digital experiences, sales accelerated by an online catalogue, transactional e-commerce, and personalized prices, products or content make Episerver CMS perfect for larger and enterprise-level businesses. The CMS expands and customises upon your needs.


Episerver is based on ASP.NET technology, written in C# and supported by a SQL database.
As shown in the following diagram, ASP.NET is the second most used server-side programming language. More precisely by 11.1% of all the websites whose server-side programming language we know. It means that plenty of programmers can work with Episerver, so it will be cheaper, if compared to Java, for instance.

Source: w3techs


Your certified partner or your internal IT-department has to handle the technical issues and maintainance of an Episerver website. Episerver also offers customer support via a support portal, email, and phone. 


The performance of an Episerver website is a product of how it was coded, as well as the number of tracking and size of content used the website. It can be fast or slow, depending on how many resources were given to the team building the website.


The team behind EPserver takes security very seriously. However how secure a website is, is most often a question of how well it was coded, and how much time your partner or internal-IT, spend on securing the website.


The pricing plan is different for each individual, organization or business. It is a custom quote based on specific needs. Just like Sitecore or Magento, Episerver is a very expensive CMS both in terms of yearly licenses as well as the development of the website. 

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