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SimpleSite – Danish drag-n-drop CMS


What is SimpleSite?

Founded in 2003 in Copenhagen, SimpleSite is living up to its name. It is a simple CMS platform created for non-technical people who want to create their own website in a few clicks.
(Recommended for small businesses)

Technical knowledge needed

SimpleSite is similar to Wix and Squarespace, an online website building platform. The system is for anyone who wants to have his own space on the internet. A few minutes and clicks are sufficient to create a website. The platform offers pre-configured layouts, colour schemes and fonts.  

Ability to customize 

While the design, personal domain name/email addresses, webshop, photos/videos, and social media sharing are the main features, the ability to customize is somehow limited to its own templates. However, the system is mobile-friendly editing which could be a strong perk for someone always on-the-go.


SimpleSite is a CMS that targets small businesses and organizations. It has a large variety of website themes for restaurants, personal pages, fashion/food/lifestyle blogs, contemporary businesses, author & book stores. The ability to sell products online is perfect for someone who is looking for a quick webshop solution. 


The system uses technologies such as C#, JavaScript, .NET and SQL, but this aspect is not important for the end-user as the core code is closed-source. As mentioned above, no technical knowledge is necessary. 


FAQ section has answers for basic questions. Customer Service handles complex issues via email and tries to solve them within two business days. Unfortunately, support via live chat or telephone is not available at the moment. 


As long as the content used on the website isn’t too huge, the SimpleSite website will run smoothly. As it is a closed system, you will most likely not be able to implement any performance upgrades of your own.


Every SimpleSite website comes with an SSL certificate. It is an industry standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. 


SimpleSite has three price plans. It goes from a free Basic Plan which includes limited design options, pages, and stores, full mobile-optimization and ads to an e-commerce plan of 208,95DKK/month. 

It includes a free domain, no ads, unlimited pages/images or video minutes, all design options and unlimited online store products.

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