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Sitecore – Niche Enterprise CMS


What is Sitecore?

Founded in 2001, the Danish CMS Sitecore is a global software company that offers a complete CMS, and the Digital Marketing System (DMS), which is a highly specialized marketing automation software. It is currently used by 50,000 websites.
(Recommended for large businesses)

Technical knowledge needed

Developing a Sitecore website requires certified partners with highly skilled .NET and C# developers. Once you have passed the complex and technical setup process milestone, the Sitecore content editor interface looks like a Windows interface, making it rather intuitive.

Ability to customize

Sitecore’s personalization capabilities are endless. In addition, Sitecore has two editing tools where you can create and edit the content on your website. The Content Editor, designed for more experienced content authors who are familiar with Sitecore and its functionality, and the Experience Editor designed for content editors who want to edit and write content directly on the page.


There are two main options to cope with bigger website traffic with the Sitecore Experience Database. The first one is the vertical scalability which allows you to install single instances of each component on separate servers. It switches from a single server to a multi-server environment. While considering the second option, the horizontal scaling, you deploy multiple servers for specific components (content delivery, processing, content management) to increase the capacity of your solution.


Your internal IT-department or an external certified partner handle the support. In addition, Sitecore offers two support service: a Standard Support, for online portal assistance during business hours, and a 24×7 Premium Support.


It has special features designed to support enterprise-level requirements and high-traffic websites. Usually, you will find a wide range of tracking tools on a Sitecore website. This will always result in the speed taking a hit. Another reason could be the structure of the website which could also influence the performance of the platform.


Security is relatively high, because it targets customer experience management on an enterprise level. Sitecore offers several key guidelines to make your platform more secure. Similar to other CMSs such as Drupal, WordPress or Joomla!, securing the site falls upon the agency that builds the website.


Sitecore is based on .NET technology, written in C# and supported by a SQL database.
The diagram bellow asserts that .NET is the second most used server-side programming language. More precisely, 11.1% of all the websites whose server-side programming language we know use it. A plenty of programmers can work with Sitecore (even though not as many as PHP programmers). Also it could be cheaper, if compared to Java, for instance.

Source: w3techs


The price of Sitecore represents one of its disadvantages if it were to be compared with other CMSs. For example, the license fee starts at 262.990DKK with additionally 52.600DKK every each year. Usually, you will find that a Sitecore developer costs about three times as much as a PHP developer, in Denmark.

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