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Squarespace – 2nd most popular website builder


What is Squarespace?

Squarespace is a no-coding-skills-needed CMS, just like Shopify can be. The system is ideal for smaller websites and blogs. Users pay a monthly subscription fee to Squarespace in return for hosting the site and access to the CMS. Once signed in, users can start working on their site without having to download or finding a hosting solution.
(Recommended for small/middle/large businesses)

Technical knowledge needed

The lack of need for technical knowledge is the biggest advantage of Squarespace. Thus, it makes it simple and quick for nearly anyone to produce a high-quality website without having any coding knowledge.

Ability to customize 

In terms of customizability, its options are quite limited compared to systems like Joomla!, Drupal or WordPress. It offers dozens of different templates that can alter the style of your site without changing the code.



In terms of scalability, some features might not be achievable with Squarespace, due to the limited number of plug-ins and tools. However, it is possible to export your websites to a variety of formats including WordPress. The exporting feature can be a handy process that may help your business to scale as your website grows, reducing the scalability limits. 


Squarespace has support based on articles and videos, as well as community forums and live-chat support five days a week on a daily basis. However, as Squarespace is a cloud-based CMS, the platform limits users functionality. In other words, users cannot install or update anything and if the Squarespace website goes down their website might go down as well. 


Even though no platform can guarantee 100% functionality, Squarespace has a really good reputation for handling high traffic spikes. A good example is how Squarespace handled successfully the high traffic during the U.S.A Super Bowl ads campaign. 


Squarespace has different methods to protect its customers, including regular security scans to maintain its PCI DSS compliance, and use of industry-developed and proprietary tools to guard against potential intruders, DDoS attacks, and other vulnerabilities.


You’re not allowed to add your own server-side programmings like PHP and Ruby, because it is a closed-source platform. You are allowed to add your own HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


Squarespace has four price plans – two website builder plans, and two online store plans. Depending on your needs you can choose from a Personal Plan 10€/month, a Business Plan 16€/month, a Basic 23€/month or an Advanced plan 35€/month. 

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