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TYPO3 – Niche CMS gives complete control


What is TYPO3?

TYPO3 is a Danish open source Enterprise Content Management System, released in 1998 by Kasper Skårhøj. Currently 500,000 websites use it. The platform is very popular among professionals and cut out for complex projects, because its language is PHP. According to W3Tech, it is the 10th most popular CMS.
(Recommended for medium/large businesses)

Technical knowledge needed

It is a highly specialized CMS and requires advanced technical skills in terms of setup while mastering it takes a lot of effort. You will need a professional partner to both build and guide you through the first steps in TYPO3.

Ability to customize

One of the biggest strengths of the platform relies on the wide diversity of functions it offers. With TYPO3, you can add extensions to both of your front and back-end: from user administration to security features, page builders and more. It is therefore endlessly customizable.



The large spectrum of possibilities offered by TYPO3 is more demanding, making it a more suitable solution for large corporate portals and e-commerce platforms.


TYPO3 relies on a large and active community, which usually provides you with quick help to your technical problems. However, similarily with other CMSs, the support of the site will in almost all cases, come from either your internal IT-department or your certified partner.


The structure of the website influences its performance. For instance, if the website has too many plug-ins, the performance may decrease.


TYPO3 is considered to have a high level of security, because its framework is built with different security layers. In the end it may be difficult to be hacked if compared to other CMSs. Ultimately the level of security is a product of how well it was coded.


TYPO3 uses technologies such as PHP7+ and MySQL version 5.5 upwards. In addition, DBAL extensions allow Oracle, MS-SQL, PostgreSQL, ODBC, and LDAP databases.

The diagram bellow asserts that 79.0% of all the websites whose server-side programming language we know use PHP. A plenty of programmers can work with TYPO3. Also it could be cheaper, if compared to Java, for instance.

Source: w3techs


It is license-free and open source. Many opt for TYPO3 for big and complex projects. The support agreement made between you and your TYPO3 partner influences the total cost of ownership.

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